Episode 18 – Politicians, Black Meeples, and Voodoo Donuts!


On this episode of the board games and beer podcast:  Vel and Morgan introduce our new segment: Brewin’ on the table – what new games we are playing!  We dive into the calendar and see what may be happening in the board gaming world including plenty of con talk!  We look at what is in the pipeline, what is ongoing, ending, and what to spend our and your money on!  Andrew Rader  joins us again to talk about his new kickstarter: Democalypse: Clusterf#@k to the White House  We look at the beer of the episode – it glitters with gold, has something to do with an arcenstone while wheezing fire!  We go back into the vault and step into the arena with beasts and your favorite mace, not the spray can version please!  That and much more on this episode of the board games and beer podcast!