Episode 21 Show Links


Here are the links mentioned on the latest episode:

Andrew Allen’s Webpage

RageCon 2015

Twitter feed for RageCon: @RageConReno

Beer of the Episode

Back In the Vault: Ophir


Coming up on episode 21! – Stay Tuned


Morgan is back from special assignment to talk about geekway and she is starting to catch me on the brewin’ on the table segment.  Loren and Jamie Cunningham will be joining us to talk about the arrival of Transylvania: Curses and Traitors!

That and much more coming in our newest episode coming out in the next week!

Episode 20 Contest!


We have a contest for you folks!  First person to email into the show: BoardGamesandBeerpodcast@gmail.com will win a free ticket to RageCon compliments of our host Jeff! 

Get on it!