Episode 17 – Brewin’ Into The New Year

[audio https://ia902709.us.archive.org/12/items/BrewinIntoTheNewYear/Brewin%27%20Into%20the%20New%20Year.mp3 ]

On this episode of the board games and beer podcast: Vel and Morgan give a quick synopsis of the past year and what we are looking forward to for this year!  We dive into the calendar and see what may be happening in the board gaming world including plenty of con talk!  We look at what is in the pipeline, what is ongoing, ending, and what to spend our money on, will it be as much as last year?  Adam Rehberg joins us to talk about a game that we are sure to love here: Brewin’ USA!  We look at the beer of the episode – it has water vapor,  a salty aroma and may tie Vel to the “yard arm” as Morgan continues her dominance in our new beer game!  We go back into the vault to feel of salt in the air, wind in your hair, and aroma of gunpowder!  That and much more on this episode of the board games and beer podcast!

Episode 5 – Did a rogue double dead guy ale take out a hobgoblin?


On this episode of the board games and beer podcast we officially welcome Morgan as co-host to the show!  We delve into the upcoming calendar discussing coming meet ups including the assault on Imdaar Alpha for X-wing while Morgan gives us a synopsis of Geekway!  Ragecon is rapidly approaching so you need to get on it!  Moving onto “into the pipeline” and we see how Transylvania is doing, Pull hits the funding mark and we cannot wait to get it into our hands! We look at a host of cool games coming down the pipe including Asking for Trobils, Yardmaster, and Ophir!  Draycass joins us for a great interview this week from the epic geek’s podcast and we convince her to finish out the show with us!  We look at our beer of the episode, throw Vel under the bus in our beer game and he is still cleaning the tire marks off him after Morgan and Draycass let him have it!  We finish out with a look back at Wizard in our “in the vault” segment.  All that and more on this episode of the BGB podcast!